Frances Bavin

*On maternity leave*

Ever since seeing a nutritionist 15 years ago and watching all my health problems slip away, I have been a total believer that food should be the first port of call for non urgent health issues. I decided to retrain when I moved to Edinburgh and have been working in private clinics alongside other natural health practitioners and personal trainers ever since.

I work with a wide variety of ages and health problems in clinic, but also do home visits and cooking classes for people in their homes. Ultimately, I want to encourage people to eat real food and help them realize that this doesn’t have to mean time and money, and that they may infact grow to love it.

I work from a naturopathic, functional medicine point of view, helping the body to heal itself.  My consultations don't just look at diet but at every aspect of the patient's life to find a balance that helps them achieve optimal health.

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I use various labs including Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus, Cyrex, Biological Testing Services.  There are a vast array of options and we will always discuss the pros and cons where appropriate and make sure you know what you can get through your doctor in the first instance.  Tests range from Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Adrenal Stress Profiles & Toxic Element Clearance Profiles to simple Vitamin D, H Pylori and Food Intolerance testing, none of which are compulsory.


First consultation £65 for an hour

Follow up £50 for 45 minutes

Block booking discounts available.

A questionnaire will be emailed to you prior to the consultation.  It is a great help to return it to me before we meet so that I can get something together for you to start on straight away and it makes the session much more focussed.  To receive the form, just ask myself or Mulberry to email it to you in advance and return to me at this email.