Autism Treatment Plus

Autism Treatment Plus (or AT+) assists with autism diagnosis and biomedical testing and acts as an advocate in obtaining the best support from the NHS. Biomedical intervention and behaviour therapy are unique approaches, and fundamental to AT+’s core belief that treating and addressing the needs of a person with autism requires a fully integrated approach. 

AT+ will give each client it deals with the following guarantees:

  • To Provide access to in depth diagnosis of children at risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder or a related developmental condition.
  • To ensure that every child diagnosed with autism, or a related condition, is screened for a comprehensive range of biological, biochemical, immunological and psychological abnormalities
  • To provide an individual treatment plan to address any potential health, nutritional and dietary problems
  • To provide an individual behavioural and developmental plan to address any potential behaviour, communication, developmental problems
  • To liaise with other agencies and organisations to ensure an optimal delivery of diagnostic needs and intervention plans
  • To develop screening and diagnostic methods to identify individuals at risk during early development
  • To raise awareness of and encourage clinical trials of new treatments to alleviate the symptoms of autism and improve the quality of life for individuals with autism. 

Biomedical interventions that aim to correct biomedical abnormalities focusing on five key areas:

• Nutrition

• Gut health

• Immune system

• Oxidative stress injury, and 

• Toxin overload

AT+’s team of consultants comprises of professionals in the field of autism including, medical doctors, research scientists, behaviour analysts and psychologists. These professionals aim to ensure we are providing a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating autism. 

To book please call on 0131 558 7444 or 07590698780. You can also e-mail us at further details please visit our website.