Transcendental Meditation

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Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a wonderfully simple & effective way of seriously relaxing & revitalising mind & body.  It is non religious, scientifically verified and as independent fully qualified TM teachers we can offer our courses at affordable prices, in fact the lowest in the UK.  (See below)

The most important thing to know about TM is that it is EASY to do, in fact it is probably the simplest thing you will ever do. 

Why ?  Because unlike many other meditation techniques you do NOT have to concentrate or control the mind, you do NOT have to empty the mind or try to get rid of thoughts. This comes as a huge relief to people learning TM as they discover that not only can they actually do it, but that it is a pleasant, absorbing process, so much so that one soon looks forward to the practice. Consequently you are far more likely to meditate regularly and thus experience the cumulative benefits of relaxing on a daily basis.  TM gives you something practical that you can do yourself & realistically fit it in to your daily routine.  It is practiced with eyes closed, ideally for 20 minutes, sitting comfortably whether at home or on the bus or train or parked in a car.

Simple as it is, there is a subtlety to it which is why, as with all new experiences, one requires some initial guidance to ensure you are able to continue practicing in your everyday life.  While TM is obviously not a panacea for all problems, it is much more than just a stress management technique although ultimately this is what it has become most well known for.  Because so many health problems have a “stress” element, it is no surprise that people find huge benefits in this area.  This is backed by a wealth of scientific research going back over the last 45 years.

Meditation has suffered an image problem in the west ever since the 1960’s.  In actual fact Transcendental Meditation is a practical, fundamental quality of life enhancing technique enjoyed and benefited by people from all backgrounds, age-groups & professions.  Though most people come to learn TM through word of mouth, many start out as sceptics.  There is no such thing as a good or bad meditator, anyone & everyone can meditate, once learned it is a simple & precious skill you have for life.

Course fee

As independent TM teachers we are able to offer our courses at affordable prices, on a sliding scale based on income.  For details please see either of websites below.

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"I am still meditating every day and finding it really helpful, it's one of the best things I ever did"  :)                                                                                                               

Alison, Teacher ~ Edinburgh

"Chris is an experienced teacher of T.M. having studied and practised it himself for many years. I was in awe of the results that I received. It was a fantastic feeling to find a 'tool' that can be easily integrated into your daily life which can bring such relaxation to a stressful day!                                                                                                                    

Lee ~ Businessman, Scotland / Hongkong

"My TM progress... So far I have not missed a single 20min session since taking your course (sometimes even pretending to 'sleep' while travelling on business with my director or meditating on the bus on my way to work).  The biggest improvement has definitely been in my sleep, which has seen mostly an end to my earlier bouts of insomnia.  My ability to focus has improved as well.  Still waiting for the bliss, :) but am content with the deep relaxation it gives me."                                                            

 John ~ Businessman, Edinburgh.

"Chris provides an excellent, well priced service, that has allowed me greater levels of relaxation then I had ever thought possible. 

I found the process to be so beneficial that I have referred many people to his courses and all have talked extremely highly of both Chris and the quality of the service he provides."        

Gary ~ Health professional, Edinburgh

If  you have any questions you would like to discuss directly with me, do feel free to get in touch : 0191.2132179 +

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