Reflexology is a gentle therapy that reaches the whole body through stimulating reflex points in the feet or hands. These reflex points correspond to all the organs and systems in the body. A trained reflexologist is able to apply rhythmic pressure to the feet or hands in a systematic way that aims to stimulate the body's natural healing process and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

What can Reflexology be used to treat

Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment that does not aim to diagnose or treat specific conditions. Instead it offers an individualised treatment that aims to encourage the systems and organs of the body to function optimally.

Many people use reflexology in order to relax, and many health care professional recognise reflexology as a well established, respected and individualistic therapy. 

What will the treatment/consult involve? And how many treatments will I need?

Reflexology uses a unique rhythmic  technique to apply pressure to reflex areas on the feet or hands. Your first treatment will include a full consultation in order that the therapist can understand your medical history and lifestyle. Treatments usually last around 1 hour. 

The frequency of treatments will depend on your individual needs, but often your therapist may recommend 2 or 3 treatments in close succession to stimulate a response in your body, particularly if you suffer from a chronic condition.

Advice before & after treatment

There are not many contraindications to reflexology as it is a gentle, non invasive therapy.  

Our therapists do not offer reflexology in the first trimester of pregnancy and may not proceed with a treatment if you have certain skin conditions. Please contact us if you wish to discuss whether reflexology treatment is appropriate for you.

Recommended reading

Although there has been very little clinical research conducted into the effectiveness of reflexology,(mainly due to lack of funding for such research to take place) the therapy has become increasingly popular since the 1960s, and there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence available to support it's effectiveness. For more information please refer to any of the following websites:

The Association of Reflexologists -

A comprehensive list of case studies compiled by American reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz   

Federation of Holistic Therapists