Chilout Sessions


Chillout Sessions - a combination of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Regenerative classes which facilitate deep, conscious relaxation, providing relief and balance across all aspects of our being: physiological, mental, emotional and psychological.

Gentle Restorative Yoga poses - where we are fully supported in various beneficial positions by bolsters, cushions and blankets - practised alongside soft unwinding movements, teach us how to receive support and relax deeply, entering the calming state of the parasympathetic nervous system and recharging our batteries. 

 We feel our muscles and tissues relax and un-grip as the mind becomes quiet and our breathing more full and settled, releasing tension and easing congestion through the whole body-mind. Caring conscious touch and the use of high quality essential oils further support us as we rest more deeply in this practice.  

The sessions incorporate Yoga Nidra, an ancient meditation practice which translates as "conscious sleep". Through guided deep rest in the sub-conscious space between dreaming and wakefulness we can find peace, authenticity, ease, and feel deeply rested and refreshed.

These sessions are beneficial to all. They can be especially supportive for those experiencing stress, tension, overwhelm, or lack of quality sleep, and for anyone living with or recovering from chronic fatigue or illness.