Natural Movement Class


This 90 minute NATURAL MOVEMENT class reconnects you with your effortless and natural ability to move. Step by step you are taken through slow, dynamic exercise sequences to increase myofascial mobilisation, full body strength, range of motion, balance and coordination.

Many current exercise programs teach us to strengthen or stretch our body using techniques only considering our muscular system. We tense muscles and we stretch muscles and most exercises are performed in rather linear patterns (forwards, sideways, backwards). Our bodies however are much more complex than that. Our joints are angular and irregular. Our muscles are suspended in our fascial network, which wraps in spirals from the surface to deep structures and back again. We also have bones, which are far more than blood cell producing logs giving us shape. We also have a nervous system that sometimes restricts our movements, creates pain, affects our posture and our confidence. NATURAL MOVEMENT enables you to explore simple to challenging movements using all of your body to make everyday movement more effortless, no matter if it is house work, playing with your children or running the next marathon. 

We start the class lying down, mobilising our joints, relaxing our connective tissue and grounding ourselves. Then we gradually move away from the floor with slow, repetitive movement sequences and positions you may find familiar from yoga, pilates and contemporary dance floor work. However you will explore these exercises without tension, in multiple planes and ranges and with an appreciation for gravity. You will meet intensity, yet you will never force yourself by resorting to excessive tension. After the class you will feel relaxed, grounded, thoroughly exercised, stronger, more supple and with more freedom in your body.

Explore what it is like to move and exercise healthily with all of your body to support you and rediscover your natural instincts and abilities in movement.

£15 per person.

 To book in for this workshop, please follow this link