Transendental Meditation Workshop

3 day workshop

  • Taught by independent TM teacher with over 40 years’ experience, at the lowest fees in the UK.
  • No concentration or control, no emptying of the mind.  Easy and effortless, a pleasure to do.
  • For more info or to book a place contact Chris Greathead @ TM Independent UK : 0191 213 2179  +
*Please be aware this is a 3 day event with the first day at the Salisbury Centre rather than Mulberry House*


After last months Newcastle TM course                                                                                           

 "Have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about the course, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learning TM with you. It is early days, but I am already convinced that I am seeing some benefits. Shoulder and arm pain almost completely gone now and feeling a lot less stressed and anxious. Feeling a lot more centred and unblocked, even started getting through some of the many jobs that I have been procrastinating on.  Very strange experience for me, but if it works, fantastic!”


Three weeks later

"Have been doing TM twice a day since the course. Great stuff!"

Jeff ~ Wylam, Northumberland

"I really enjoyed the course, after years of struggling with thought control meditation techniques, TM feels like a breath of fresh air - it almost feels like cheating! I'm managing to practice twice a day and I'm getting a lot out of it already." 

Zara ~ Leeds