Carlijn ter Weer

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Carlijn ter Weer is a dance and movement therapist, yoga practitioner and dedicated movement explorer.  She qualified as a dance therapist (2017) and psychologist (2009) in the Netherlands and draws on experience from working with both adults and children as a dance therapist and counselling psychologist.

Connections between Body and Mind

Dance and movement therapy offers a body-centred, expressive and experiential approach to therapy. It supports and inspires people in a creative way, and offers space to explore in movement and reflect. Through working with the connection between body and mind, movement enables a different exploration and understanding of the self. 

Carlijn currently offers one-to-one sessions at Mulberry House. Dance experience is not required, please feel welcome to get in touch to ask any questions. For more information and to book please contact Carlijn directly on or 07717209317.