Dance / Movement Therapy

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Dance/movement therapy with Carlijn

Dance/movement therapy offers a body-centred and expressive approach to therapy. The body, in movement or in stillness, is at the heart of this approach. Dance/movement therapy aims to offer a safe space for exploration, stimulating a creative understanding of ourselves and positive change.

Focusing on the moving body can be beneficial for body- and self-awareness, ease in movement and the broadening of movement patterns. Starting from your own needs, tempo and wishes, dance and movement both offer a way of treatment for a range of neurological, psychological, relationship and social problems and provide opportunities for people who wish to develop their own creative potential (

Dance/movement therapy can be done while seated, lying or moving through the studio. That means everybody can feel free to find a level that they are comfortable with. Sessions will usually take place in our yoga studio.

For more information and to book please contact Carlijn directly on or 07717209317.