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Physiotherapy What is it?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that helps people affected by injury, disease, and disability through the use of Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Exercise, Education, and Advice. They work in Musculoskeletal, Orthopedics and Sports Injuries thus can treat a variety of conditions from ankle sprains, low back pain to shoulder ailments. 

What can it be used for:

Physiotherapists are very skilled at examination and diagnosing musculoskeletal problems. These can range from back, shoulder, knee, ankle ailments. A physiotherapist can treat people of any age thus may treat the young 12-year active sports girl with knee pain or the elderly gentleman post-operatively. They can help guide you and rehabilitate you Postoperative and treat any Sports injury helping you return to your sport pain-free.

What will the consultation involve?

A consultation is performed by taking a detailed history of your condition, lifestyle and goals and then a physical examination is undertaken. If you have had an Operation they may request your surgical notes.  A discussion with you will commence of the findings and diagnosis and then treatment is undertaken. Treatment may range from Manual therapy, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture to Exercise and exercise prescription depending on the most suitable outcome for your condition. All treatment and interventions are evidence-based. 

After treatment.

Once examination and treatment have been undertaken a bespoke exercise-based rehabilitation plan is given to help return your function pain-free and address the root issues of your ailment  This will be measurable, achievable and realistic to you. You will also be given education and advice regarding your ailment and any questions you have will be answered.