Allison Ridley

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Allison Ridley

You may be considering therapy to address specific difficulties such as depression, the impact of trauma, or difficulties in relationships with others, or you may have a wish for personal growth.

Allison considers that her training & experience allow her to adopt and integrate different approaches in a way that may best suit the needs of each individual. Furthermore, she recognises the therapeutic relationship as an essential element of therapy, creating a safe space where therapist and client can work collaboratively and with compassion to gain an understanding of matters and work to achieve change.

  • Allison offers a free 20 minute phone consultation as an opportunity to discuss what you are hoping to gain from therapy and whether her approach may be helpful to you.

Allison has completed training as both a psychologist and psychotherapist. Allison worked for almost 30 years as a psychologist in the NHS, specialising in adult mental health.

Alongside working as a psychologist, Allison spent 7 years training as a group analytic psychotherapist. Group analytic psychotherapy integrates psychoanalytical and social psychological perspectives, recognising that we exist within the context of groups, whether family or other groups, including the wider community. Training focuses on therapy in both individual and group settings – this approach can be helpful in both.

Allison also completed specialist post qualification training in CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy) & and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing). CAT is an integrative therapy, including integrating CBT and psychoanalytic approaches. EMDR  is a therapy which was developed to help people deal with the symptoms and emotional distress which are associated with traumatic or disturbing life experiences.


  • M. Phil Clinical Psychology, University of Edinburgh (1990-1992)
  • Group Analyst, Institute of Group Analysis (2006-2013)
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT) (1996-1998)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) EMDR Works (2014-2015)
  • MA (Hons),Psychology, University of Edinburgh (1983- 1987)