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Beverley Bruce

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Beverley Bruce teaches Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga workshops from the Mulberry House studio. Beverley is an experienced senior-level Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist, and Yoga Therapist.

Beverley is honoured to have been able to study and work extensively with incredible teachers and therapists around the world. She enjoys taking an integrative approach to her teaching, drawing inspiration from a range of traditions and styles, and synthesising the elements to best suit each unique student or gathering that comes together – while always teaching from her heart.

When she’s not on her mat or buried in books, Beverley loves sharing conversation, good food, and laughter with her fellow adventurers in life.  She also loves to travel and explore new territories and possibilities – especially where there is warmth and sunshine!

Beverley is currently completing her Professional Doctorate in Psychotherapy with the University of Edinburgh, for which she is exploring the bridge between Psychotherapy and Yoga.

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