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Pregnancy Yoga

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Practice to strengthen body and mind

Supportive and nourishing classes that gently stretch, strengthen and calm mind and body.  The practices encourage us to connect with our growing babies and changing bodies while being supported throughout pregnancy and preparing for birth and the transition to motherhood.  

We learn to build stability and find more comfort in the physical changes of pregnancy through asana (physical postures), promote calm and boost vitality, support our emotional and spiritual adjustments, and resource ourselves with various pranayama practices (breathing techniques) for birth and beyond. 

Yoga pregnancy classes offer much more than yoga practices simply adapted for pregnancy. We give lots of encouraging information and practical guidance around our changing needs throughout pregnancy, including the prevention and management of various symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, pelvic pain (PGP), heartburn, and leg cramps, as well as working to encourage optimal foetal positioning for baby.

Simple pregnancy-focused meditation techniques and guided relaxations, including Yoga Nidra, help to relieve exhaustion and lift the spirit, and practising pelvic floor exercises helps us to physically prepare for birth and support our postnatal healing.

We encourage a community of support, and lasting friendships are often formed between mamas in our groups.

These classes run in rolling blocks of 8 without being attached to term dates, so that mamas can be supported throughout pregnancy and begin when space becomes available.

Each block of 8 classes can be taken over a 9-week period.

Suitable for all mums-to-be from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

 No previous experience of Yoga is necessary.


Classes run at Mulberry House on Tuesday evenings. To book, please click here.

Instructor: Beverley Bruce


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