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Yogabirth – Pregnancy Yoga

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Yogabirth Pregnancy Yoga

Mondays 19.30 – 20.45  8 weeks @ £100  
Tuesdays 17.45-19.15 8 weeks @£112

Hundreds of women have benefited from Cáitlin’s Yogabith Pregnancy Yoga classes which have been developed over 20 years of teaching at Mulberry House.

Each class begins with refreshment and time for us to talk and discuss pregnancy, birth and baby related subjects. These lively discussions, often lead by your questions, can cover anything from back pain to heartburn, from hospital to home birth, birth plans to pain relief.

The yoga practice that follows is different every week as Cáitlin will often focus on specific problems you may be experiencing like poor sleep or sciatica.  However, at the heart of each practice is the mindful breathing awareness and simple postures, specially adapted for your changing body and individual needs.  Cáitlin teaches flowing movements, easily remembered for a simple home practice, as well as providing familiar comfort during labour.  Most women who come to Cáitlin’s classes have never practiced yoga before so, there is a safe, welcoming space for every woman. 

Yogabirth classes can be enjoyed from 14 weeks of pregnancy up until the birth of your baby. 

Classes can be joined at anytime, space permitting and run in blocks of 8-weeks  Mondays 19.30 -20.45 8weeks @£100 &  Tuesdays 17.45-19.15 8weeks @ £112

Bookings & enquiries : via email: heaveycaitlin@gmail.com and mobile: 07891059677 

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