Caroline Toshack

Caroline graduated as a Pilates Movement Therapist from Polestar Pilates in 2009, after personally experiencing the profound effect that pilates and efficient movement can have on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Studying movement from a holistic viewpoint, as is Polestar’s way, integrated with the 8 years of knowledge and experience she had already gained from sports and fitness coaching, allows her to help people enrich all areas of their lives, not just their physical wellbeing.

She is committed to continued training and professional development and has gone on to study more about the role of movement in each of the following areas: fascia release, behaviour strategies, child development, body and self image, anxiety and stress. She is also particularly interested in using movement to help pelvic floor issues and pelvic health and regularly holds workshops on this subject.

Caroline believes in ‘walking the talk’. When she is not studying books or attending courses, she is watching people around her move or trying new things herself to help her understand more about how the way we move makes us feel and how we can use movement to prevent and treat illnesses and injuries and live life to our fullest potential.

She works with and welcomes clients with a full range of enquiries and needs.


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