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The Essential Yogabirth preparation course for couples

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This unique course is aimed at women who are looking for a more practical approach to the current information heavy ante natal courses available to couples preparing for birth.  You may be attending pregnancy yoga classes with Cáitlin or elsewhere in Edinburgh and are keen to deepen this experience as you approach birth as well as sharing the knowledge with your birth partner.  Cáitlin draws on her many years experience as a teacher and doula to share her techniques and tips for a positive birth experience with the support of your partner.  

During the 3 evening classes you will learn how to use yoga movement to encourage your baby to position well for birth, how yoga will help you to cope during labour with specific birth positions and effective breathing techniques, how hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques might help you to find a calm focus and explore natural pain relief tips from a TENS machine to using a waterbirth pool. 
Your birth partner will join you for a concluding Saturday morning class where we will share all the practical knowledge learned over the 3 evening classes together and learn how they will be included in your birth experience. They will learn the importance of good positioning, comfort techniques such as massage, breathing techniques to calm both of you and what you may need to include in a birth plan.  

Cost: £150 per couple. Ideally attended from 32 weeks. 

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