Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage


The changes of Pregnancy cause musculoskeletal imbalances that can lead to painful conditions.  Pregnancy massage restores the body's balance, alleviates pain and promotes health.  By treating these imbalances early discomfort can be prevented.


After the baby's birth, massage therapy can gently facilitate the body's return to it's pre-pregnancy condition, alleviate pain and help maintain flexibility despite the physical stresses of infant care.

What will happen during my treatment?

During a treatment you will lie on your side and be supported with pillows.  Generally, the lower back, shoulders, hips and neck benefit from sensitively applied deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofasial release and movement therapy. If you wish you can have a therapeutic massage that will involve slow, long relaxing strokes to promote feelings of deep relaxation for you and your baby. Your baby bump can be massaged using light strokes if desired.