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yoga birth classes - pregnant woman stands in confident tree pose

Yogabirth – Pregnancy Yoga

Yogabirth Pregnancy Yoga  Mondays 19.30 – 20.45  8 weeks @ £100  Tuesdays 17.45-19.15 8 weeks @£112  Hundreds of women have benefited from Cáitlin’s Yogabith Pregnancy Yoga classes which have been developed over 20 years of teaching at Mulberry House. Each class

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Yoga with Kay

These classes for those with some experience of yoga set out to bring life and awareness to our bodies.  Having awareness as we stand, move and sit will bring vitality to enhance our lives.  Awareness will be achieved through postures,

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yoga birth - woman in crossed legged yoga position

Yoga Nap

Monthly Workshop Fridays  6 – 7.30pm Please call reception to find out when this workshop is taking place on 0131 225 2012 What is Yoga Nap? Yoga Nap is a therapeutic, restorative technique that teaches you how to slow down, how

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Therapeutic Yoga for Women

Nourishing and empowering classes are inclusive and suitable for all women, whether beginners or seasoned yoga practitioners. The focus is on connection – to self, others and nature – and our internal experiences, while we create space and ease in

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Yoga Classes - Woman in Child's Pose

Somatic Yoga with Jahna

  Wednesday 9.30am-10.45am Jahna Clark This class combines Essential Somatic Movements with the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Essential Somatic Movements are gentle neuromuscular movements performed slowly and mindfully – they effectively release chronically tight and tense muscles (which are often

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