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6pm – 7.30pm
You will be guided through some simple breathing and relaxation exercises to calm your system, find focus and tune into the state of your connective tissue. We often believe our muscles are tight and try to stretch them off. Yet we do not seem to get much effect from all the stretching. Most of the time it is actually the fascia that our muscles are wrapped up in that is tight and inflexible and makes us feel stiff, achy and immobile. This class will take you through a range of release and mobilisation exercises that will reach and target your connective tissue in ways you never have been able to with conventional stretches and exercises.
With our bodies all chilled out, mobilised and relaxed we will then easily flow into the subtle intensities of Pilates and out again before you, or your body have even noticed them being a challenge. With your body so perfectly prepared you will find that instantly you have more ease in your movements and better access to your stabilising abilities. You will find that with the right preparation, like this, there is no need to ever push your body through a Pilates exercise with force. Yet all the benefits of Pilates practice will still be yours.
The fusion of mindful, mobilising movements and gentle strength work will not only make your body feel freer, stronger, more relaxed and revitalised. You will also feel calmer in your mind, your stress levels will be much reduced and you will feel more confident and capable in your body.
Price: £15
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